Josef K
The master of web design.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
This is where I go when Josef K's web design just isn't cutting it. The core design elements of my website are just example snippets from here.

PBS Spacetime
A great YouTube series on Spaaaace!

The coolest Linux distro. You know this.

Highpoint Scientific
One of the best places to get your astronomy gear!

Agena Astro
Another great place to purchase astronomy gear!

East Exposures
This is Kelby's website showcasing his photography.

Astrophotography processing software used by many

This is Trevor Jones' website, and on there you'll find a link to his YouTube channel. Top. Quality.

This guy is hilarious, his production is excellent, and he's a guru with his astrophotography.

Chuck's Astrophotography
I first came across this guy on TikTok (don't worry, I've deleted the app!) He's very good, his photos are excellent. He's now had four featured as NASA's astronomy picture of the day!

Nebula Photos
If nebulae are your thing, then check out Nico Carver's website! He also has an excellent YouTube channel. You won't regret it.

Cloudy Nights Forums
This is the forum for your astronomy needs. 'Nuff said.

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