The Great Orion Nebula (M42) is visible with binoculars from my Bortle 6 yard. This wide field view contains that on the bottom, with the Running Man Nebula just above it. On the bottom of Orion's Belt you can see the Flame and Horsehead Nebulae. If you look close, you can see part of a red arc on the left side. This is Barnard's Loop. I was shocked it showed up with only 36 minutes of total exposure!

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Orion's Belt

Taken with my Rebel T7i, 85mm lens, and SkyGuider Pro mount

This closer view highlights why I needed another telescope. The chromatic aberration is painful to look at. However, I felt I should include this image for posterity. This was only about 31 minutes worth of data. It's a very bright target, visible with the naked eye in dark skies. There's some Running Man Nebula on the left side. I couldn't tell exactly how much detail was going to show up in the field of view. This framing seemed to work out for the most part.

Great Orion Nebula

Taken with my Rebel T7i, Omni XLT 102, and GEM28 mount

This is one of the first images taken with my new camera. I'd been having trouble dialing in the collimation as wel as the proper spacing to achieve focus with the coma corrector. It's suprising to me how clear this came out with such short time imaging it.

Flame Nebula

Taken with my ASI183MC Pro, GSO 6" f/4 Newt, and GEM28 mount

Orion Nebula

Taken with my ASI183MC Pro, Z61, and GEM28 mount

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