The Bubble Nebula is a difficult target to image from my side yard at the time of year I chose to attempt it. It starts out low in the sky between my house and my neighbor's house, but I have to wait for it to rise above the power lines. At this point, it's visible for about 1.5hrs until it goes behind the corner of my roof for 45 minutes, then appears on the other side for the rest of the night. Suburban astrophotography woes... I captured this data on a work night, which requires me to set everything up then go take a nap, and come out and collect it, then take another nap before work. This 45 minute dead zone caused me to have to stay up later than I'd like to start imaging, and I didn't want to continue the next night and lose more sleep.

NGC 7635

Taken with my AT115EDT, ASI 183MC, Astronomuk UHC filter, and GEM28 mount

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