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The North American nebula is another popular target in the Cygnus area of the night sky. Right next to it is the Pelican nebula, which I was completely unaware of until Kelby pointed it out to me. I framed this to get the rich star field to the left of the nebula. My white balance and f-stop were not ideally set, giving me this weird color and stars-o-plenty. Whoops! I've since made adjustments and taken a couple test exposures of this target with much better results.

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North American Nebula

Taken with my Rebel T7i with an 85mm lens on a SkyGuider Pro mount

North American Nebula

Revised image of above data

I revisted this with my new wide field imaging scope and a UHC filter. The results impressed me greatly! Galaxies used to be my absolute favorite things to image. Now, I'm starting to feel nebulae competing for that attention.

North American Nebula

Taken with my Rebel T7i, William Optics Z61, and SkyGuider Pro mount

Single Exposure

One of the 300 exposures used to create the previous image

North American Nebula

Revized image from above data

Cygnus Wall

Taken with my AT115EDT, ASI 183MC, and GEM28 mount

This is technically IC 5070, but since it's often imaged with the North American Nebula, I've placed it here. Ladies and gentleman, this is the Pelican Nebula!

Pelican Nebula

Taken with my AT115EDT, ASI 183MC, and GEM28 mount

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