You are looking at M81 (Bode's Galaxy, left) and M81 (Cigar Galaxy, right). They're some of the brightest galaxies and often imaged by amateurs. The pair of them are about 12 million light years away.

This is the first image taken with my GEM28 mount! I had 28 four minute exposures at ISO 800. DeepSkyStacker used 27 of them. I believe one had an airplane pass through and got discarded. When I captured these two, they were already low on the horizon. I finished just before they passed the meridian and would be rising again. I tried it this way because on the other side of the meridian was a lot of city glow. The only cropping was from DSS in intersection mode. I had a little bit of field drift in this session. I suspect it was from my guide scope not being exactly still.

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M81 & M82

Taken with my Rebel T7i with my Omni XLT 102 refractor on my GEM18 mount

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