This is less about M60 and more about the supernova (SN2022hrs) detected in it's neighbor, NGC 4627. It was discovered April 16, 2022, by Koichi Itagaki (in Japan). I didn't get around to imaging it until May 8, 2022. Even at this point, the supernova was brighter than it's host galaxy! Considering how bright it appears at 63 million light years away, imagine how bright a supernova would be from our own galaxy. In 1054 AD, Chinese astronomers noted a "guest star" appearing in the sky, that was visible during day time. That was a supernova explosion 6,500 light years away, now known as the Crab Nebula (Messier 1).

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Messier 60

Taken with my ASI 183MC Pro, GSO 6" f/4 Newtonian, and GEM28 mount

Messier 60 - Cropped/Annotated

Cropped and annotated version of above image

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