This is the Whirlpool Galaxy (and companion). I believe they have deduced that these two galaxies have passed through each other once already, and are headed back towards each other again. I chose this as a target because it was one of few bright objects visible from my location. My CG-4 mount was not designed for tracking, let alone auto-guiding. Some accessories made it possible, but not nearly as much as I hoped they would.

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Whirlpool Galaxy

Taken with my Rebel T7i, Omni XLT 102mm, and CG-4 mount

I had to revisit this with the same scope/camera but with the better mount. As you can see, that makes quite a difference! This was 90 minutes worth of data. I love this target, so there no doubt will be more attempts on it! The difference in orientation is because this capture was as M51 was rising in the sky, whereas the previous version it was setting.

Whirlpool Galaxy

Taken with my Rebel T7i, Omni XLT 102, and GEM28 mount

Revisted once again, same mount but a better scope and camera! This is proving to be a good testing target to see how my equipment works.

Whirlpool Galaxy

Taken with my ASI 183MC Pro, GSO 6" f/4 Newtonian, and GEM28 mount

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