The Triangulum Galaxy is the third largest galaxy in the Local Group (behind the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies). It's about 2.7 million light years away. It is smaller in the field of view than Andromea, and is an interesting object to image. There are several objects within this galaxy that have their own catalog names.

My first attempt at this was hindered by my telescope. The 102mm achromatic f/10 refractor is not ideal for astrophotography. It's especially not ideal when tracking something going nearly directly overhead! I tracked this for about two hours and had to stop due to my camera nearly hitting a tripod leg. Nonetheless, I've decided to share this as a way to mark progress and compare results with my next (and future) telescopes.

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Triangulum Galaxy

Taken with my Rebel T7i, Omni XLT 102mm refractor, and GEM28 mount

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