The Andromeda Galaxy is a very popular target for photographers. This galaxy is the most distant object able to be observed with the naked eye. I've had this privilege once so far from the very dark sky at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. It appeared as a football shaped smudge in the sky. The Andromeda Galaxy is a rather large target as well. To capture the entire structure you would need a wide field of view (short focal length) telescope or a moderate telephoto lens for a camera. For my first image of M31, I used an 85mm lens on my DSLR. I have a couple other telescope purchases planned in the future that will allow me to capture it that way. Interestingly enough, the Andromeda Galaxy is expected to collide/merge with the Milky Way in 4.5 billion years.

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Andromeda Galaxy

Taken with my Rebel T7i and an 85mm lens on a SkyGuider Pro mount

Andromeda Galaxy

Revised image of the above data

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