This is the M66 group, commonly referred to as the Leo Triplet. It consists of Messier 65, Messier 66, and NGC 3628. These were in some moon glow when I captured them, and the seeing conditions were not ideal. I am certain I will get a more detailed version of this with the same configuration in the future. The total time on this was cut short as I was testing things that night.

Speaking of testing, the second image is the test that took place afterwards. It is NGC 3628, often called the Hamburger Galaxy, not to be confused with Centaurus A (NGC 5128). This was using my Baader Semi-APO filter to get rid of the blue halos around stars caused by the achromatic design. The test appears to be a success. However, I need to fiddle with acquisition methods a bit, the amp glow did not calibrate out entirely. This gives me the option to get smaller objects in better detail if the conditions are good.

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Leo Triplet

Taken with my ASI 183MC Pro, William Optics Z61, and GEM28 mount

NGC 3628

Taken with my ASI 183MC Pro, Omni XLT 102, and GEM28 mount

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