April 12, 2021

There was a nice thunderstorm that arrived at dusk. I captured a time lapse of it arriving. Check it out on my YouTube channel. After recording that video, I recorded one in Super Slow-Mo with my Galaxy S8 phone. I then clipped out the fun sections, converted the video files to bitmap images for each frame, then created gif files out of it. Check them out below!

April 27-28, 2021

I debated with myself on whether or not this should go in the Space section. I lost, and I won. Friday morning when I ordered all the new equipment for my hobby, I made an error. I transposed two numbers in my shipping address. For example, let's say I live on 123 Main Street. I had three items going to 213 Main Street. Two items were shipped together right away, a power supply and an adapter for my telescope to mount the guide camera. Saturday I received a notification that they were delivered. As you can imagine, they were not there when I went outside to collect them. Panic set in. I came back inside and began my investigation. This is when I found out my error. I then quickly ran to the next block up the street to see if my package was on the porch of the wrong address. Here's where it gets extremely frustrating. That address doesn't exist! Using my previous example, the next block would go from 211 to 215, with no 213 at all. Like a madman, I knocked on the doors of the houses with an address one number off from my error address. Nobody answered. Now I'm waiting for the USPS to complete their investigation to this incident (I filed a help request). I became really angry that somehow my package was delivered to a black hole. It might not be lost. I'll have to wait and see. I was not able to change the shipping address on the other package. This is because it was "ready to ship," as the vendor told me. However, I was able to cancel it. This was confusing, but I went ahead and canceled it and reordered it. So far that process has worked out OK, I have been refunded the original order's price. My guide scope arrives this week! (After typing that, I had to check again to make sure it was being shipped to the right address.)

This paragraph is an update, brought to you by the hard working people at the USPS. It would seem that my package was not delivered to a black hole after all. Yesterday, as I was headed outside, I was pleased to see the package sitting on my front steps. It had to have been there for hours, since it was after dark by now. Thank God the porch pirates didn't confiscate it! The address had been blacked out with marker and my correct address hand written on it. UPS has informed me my guide scope will be delivered Friday morning. The skies are forecast to be clear Saturday night. You know what that means.

June 1, 2021

Bruce Willis treats my insomnia.

Ok, perhaps I should explain. I suffer with insomnia. I've found some ways to help me get to sleep that have been working for a few years now. When they begin to not work, I resort to the medication prescribed to me. I prefer not to use the medication because it gives me really bad cotton mouth and a stuffy nose when I wake up, as well as a groggy feeling. However, with the medication I sleep through the night. Without it, I wake up like clockwork after four hours of sleep. I've recently discovered a new method to help me sleep. That method is Bruce Willis movies. Before I go further let me be clear, I'm a Bruce Willis fan and enjoy many of the films he's been in. Now let's get to it!

When I came home from stargazing this morning I wasn't tired at all. No surprise there. I checked the cable, nothing interesting. I checked Netflix, nothing interesting. The last hope was Amazon Prime, and it's last for a reason. There are a few series I watch there but not much for a movie selection that I find interesting. I found a Sci-Fi movie starring Bruce Willis with an interesting synopsis. I knew it wasn't going to be great, but it might just be OK enough to enjoy. It was interesting enough to make it to the alleged main plot development and then I was snoring so hard I hurt my throat. I checked the IMDB rating when I woke up this afternoon: 2.9 out of 10 stars! Bruce, oh Bruce. He's doing stinkers like Nicolas Cage! I was aware he'd done some other terrible movies lately so I decided to check his portfolio. Here's a list of my bedtime-Bruce movies, starting with the one that put me to sleep last night:

That last one I've actually seen before and enjoyed it. It's on the list for perspective purposes, and also because I'd probably fall asleep watching it again. I surely could make a nighttime-Nick list for Nicolas Cage, however compiling that massive list probably would put me to sleep in and of itself! Sweet dreams everyone.

June 13, 2021

Oh look, my website has a new layout! The image behind the navigation bar is a cropped section of Hubble's Lagoon Nebula photo. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite Hubble images. Nearly all the core design/layout elements (simple as they may be) are essentially snippets from W3Schools (see links page). This new look also does away with the PHP script I had been using. I had come up with that script as a challenge to do away with my <iframes> use on an older iteration of this website. The visit and hit counter are also gone. I might try and make this mobile friendly in the future.

If something isn't working (most likely a link) in this new layout, please let me know. I think I migrated everything properly.

August 16, 2021

While some time has gone by without an update, I have been collecting content. Mostly though, I've been working 7 days a week. I did manage a couple nights off in the last month or so. There are some images and a space blog update to come. I've also been reworking the image gallery. The layout is complete in that area, but I've not finished adding all the content to accompany the images. Perhaps some time this week that will all come together. Here's a preview of the new image page I'm working on. I had planned to do all that this weekend, being that I had both Saturday and Sunday off. Instead, I chose to celebrate my free time with free spirited laziness. Honestly, I needed the break from everything. Stay tuned!

September 6, 2021

I finally have the new image gallery ready enough to be released. The pages will have more details as I find some time to add them. For now though, it's functional. It's possible this created some broken links. Rest assured that I will fix them if I find them!

As I was preparing to work on the website yesterday evening, I had a craving for coffee. After all, it was a cloudy (Those darned clouds!) day with sporadic rain and cool temperature. Low and behold I was completely out of coffee! Who lives like this?! I needed to go grocery shopping ASAP.

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